A traditional style home gets a Norwegian-inspired makeover that provides storage, function and style.

Moving from Stavanger, Norway, to Fayetteville, the client brought with her two cats, all of her furniture and a preference for the minimalist look and clean lines that are common in Scandinavia.  And, on the very day that she moved into her 1,750sf garden home, workers began an entire gut on the interior space.

Here is the Living Room BEFORE renovations started:


Here is the same space AFTER:

The challenges was to create a minimalist look without being cold and sterile, along with an efficient use of the interior space, out of this small footprint, to accommodate storage.

Here is the kitchen BEFORE the renovation:



To address the client’s requests, the major renovations took place in the kitchen and master bathroom. In the kitchen we changed the placement of the stove to where the sink used to be so that it now faces the living room. All new grey cabinets were installed now the kitchen has increased storage, clean lines and efficiently.

Here is the Master Bathroom BEFORE:



To create these same clean lines, the master bath was gutted to create an impressive minimalist and unique space with heated floors, a towel warmer, open shower, floor to ceiling tiles and honed white-finish porcelain. The finished look makes the space feel like a fancy spa. It is light and calming.

With the transformation complete and the construction dust cleaned up, the client says that she now feels welcome in her home and is pleased that she held fast to her Norwegian-inspired design preferences. The furnishings are functional and minimal – there is no room for bulky items. In Scandinavia, the homes are small so the people there make very good use of space and have just what they need.