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Lighten Up

This client found the original colors – shades of brown and olive green – to be too somber for their taste and they didn’t blend well with or show off the dark woodwork.  In contrast, the rooms upstairs were neon bright and much too intense for their...

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Clean and Calm Transformation

As an interior designer the best part of a project is seeing a space dramatically change in form and appearance. The client's main requested for this project was, functionally.  As parents they wanted a tub — primarily for their toddler — as well as individual...

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Have you been dreaming of hiring an interior designer?

Here are 10 Facts you should know about them: 1.) Interior designers save you money by referring reliable contractors, by selecting products and materials that meet your design requirements, and by helping you avoid costly mistakes. It’s important for the client to be...

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What is a Gastropub Sports Bar?

It's not quite a bar nor a restaurant, the gatropub is a British hybrid, offering a casual-meets-refined atmosphere that welcomes beer & wine drinkers, non-fussy eaters and foodies alike. Our challenge was to create a more laid-back, tavern-like feel that...

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Elegant yet Cozy Atmosphere

Return to the age of jazz at the Voulez-Vous Lounge.  Enjoy a classic drink in an elegant atmosphere, as you sway to notable jazz combos or delight in classic burlesque. This art deco upscale lounge that was in the basement of the Historic New Orleans Hotel in...

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Living With Color

Don’t be afraid of color at home or at the office.  While interior colors may be selected according to taste, the right color can make all the difference from making you feel productive & happy to frustrated & over stimulated.  Color plays a key role...

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Ready to Take the Plunge?

Have you been considering the idea of giving your kitchen a face-lift?  2015 is the perfect time to take the plunge. Here is one of our client's projects that took the plunge.  This house was built in the 1950s with a kitchen that needed transforming....

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Owner Beware

Are you thinking about building your dream home?…or…Are you in the process of remodeling?  The first step is to develop a plan, but who creates the plans? Have you hired someone thinking they were qualified to design, develop plans and specifications for you...

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Modern Splash

Experience the real value that interior design could bring to your life Before: Master Bathroom The client’s request was to update the existing master bathroom and create a modern space without changing the layout of the room, while keeping the expense to a minimum....

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Andrea M. Cornwell

The Interior Design field is the art and science of understanding people's behavior to create functional spaces with a building.